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Friday, 4 November 2016

Rings (2017) Movie, Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, Details, Poster, First Look

Rings (2017) Movie, Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast, Details, Poster, First Look

Rings is American 2017 supernatural psychological horror flick, which is directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez and produced by Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes. The film Rings is set 13-years after the horror franchise 1st chapters. The movie is written by David Loucka, Akiva Goldsman and Jacob Estes. The flick is third installment in the American Ring franchise, which is following The Ring and The Ring Two. The star cast include Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Aimee Teegarden, Johnny Galecki, Bonnie Morgan and Vincent D'Onofrio in lead roles.

The film Rings (2017) will be released on February 3, 2017 in United States.
Movie Name -:- Rings
Release Date -:- 3 February 2017
Genre -:- Horror | Drama
Director -:- F. Javier Gutiérrez
Written by -:- David Loucka | Jacob Estes
Music By -:- Matthew Margeson
Producer -:- Laurie MacDonald | Walter F. Parkes
Distributor -:- Paramount Pictures
Language -:- English
RingsBudget -:- $33 million

Rings Full Star Cast

Aimee Teegarden .. As.. Sky

Matilda Lutz .. As.. Julia

Alex Roe .. As.. Holt

Johnny Galecki .. As.. Gabriel

Bonnie Morgan .. As.. Samara Morgan

Vincent D'Onofrio .. As.. Burke

Lizzie Brocheré

Kati Akins .. As.. Club 7 Girl

Laura Wiggins .. As.. Faith

Zach Roerig .. As.. Carter

Surley Alvelo .. As.. Shanda

Andrea Laing .. As.. Libby

Adam Fristoe .. As.. Chris

Drew Grey .. As.. Sam

Patrick R. Walker .. As.. Jamal

Chuck David Willis .. As.. Blue

Andrea Powell .. As.. Julia's Mom

Jill Jane Clements .. As.. Mrs. Styx

Randall Taylor .. As.. Holt's Father

Michael E. Sanders .. As.. Capt. J Forsett

Dave Blamy .. As.. First Officer

Chris Greene .. As.. Officer Gonzalez

Dawn Young-McDaniel .. As.. Paramedic

Shannon Cochran .. As.. Anna Morgan (flashback)

Daveigh Chase .. As.. Samara Morgan (flashback)

Rings Trailer (2017)

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